Mobile Advertising is a great way to draw potential clients that are utilizing an app to check the weather, getting updates from a news app or even playing a game on an app. This data driven mobile advertising attracts your ideal customers! We put together a strategy of who you want to target & where, create an offer that encourages your audience to “click” and they are sent to a professional landing page (or your website if you choose) and your ideal customer either comes directly to your location or gives you a call depending on what you chose to have them do. The key is in giving them the enticing reason to follow through!

Services/Features/Benefits include:

  • Access to 100 Billion Impressions Monthly
  • Full Range of Premium Ad Formats (Mobile Banner ads, Text Messages, Mobile Coupons & more)
  • You Choose How Many Monthly Impressions You Want
  • Hundreds of Apps & Sites Your Ad May Show Up On
  • API Technology, Algorithms, Data Analytics
  • Locally Targeted
  • Affordable
  • Geo-Fencing – Put a parameter around your competitor or an event or an area… You Choose!
  • and more